Monday, 30 December 2013

My New Dresses

I am a bit obsessed with clothes. I love wearing pretty dresses and outfits. I got some new dresses for Christmas and so I wanted to show them off on my blog.

On Boxing Day we went to the Panto. It was Cinderella. Me and my sister had matching dresses from Costco. I love the puffy skirt, it floats when I spin round and round. I also like the collar and the pink bow with the flower. I can wear this dress again when I go somewhere special.

I got this dress for Christmas. I love the lace collar and the long sleeves. This is one of my favourite dresses. I would wear it every day if I could! On the day after boxing day I went to another Pantomime. It was Cinderella again, but at a different place.  I wore this dress to the Pantomime and my family said that they liked it. 

The Nativity

His mother was a young girl named Mary and his father was a man named Joseph. Mary rode on a Donkey and Joseph led the donkey. When they got to Bethlehem there was no room for them at the inn. They were offered a small stable, so they accepted it. Jesus was born in Bethlehem on Christmas day, and the Angels and the Shepherds and Wise Men came to visit him.

I dressed up as Mary at our Church on Christmas Eve. I really liked playing Mary, and my friend played Joseph.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

My Acrostic Poem

This week at School we wrote Acrostic Poems about Christmas. This is the one I wrote:

C is for a cracker that goes SNAP!

H is for holly that is prickly.

R is for reindeer who is called Rudolf.

I is for icicles that sparkle in the winter sunlight.

S is for snow that covers the ground in a white sheet.

T is for turkey that you eat at Christmas dinner.

M is for manger where the Lord Jesus lay.

A is for angels who sing for Christ.

S is for snowflake that falls softly on the ground.

Copyright Betsy Lou Adventures 2013 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

When Holly Star Came

Holly Star came to visit me on December the 1st at night time. She came because she works with Father Christmas and checks whether I have been good. Her friend Angel Snowflake came to visit my sister. They are both the #elfontheshelf elves.

However, Holly Star is a monkey and so is Angel Snowflake. The elves are really cheeky because they do mischief when we're asleep. We have already found them using mummy's kitchen aid, but today they decided to sneak into Daddy's work bag when he wasn't looking and they went on a elf trip to London

They went on the train and he found them - those cheeky elves! I hope that the other passengers didn't mind sharing a seat with them!!

They helped Daddy to do his work - although Daddy said that they didnt really help very much.

Then they went to visit Big Ben but they didn't have time to go up the tower. They also went to the London Eye but this was a work day, so they didn't have time to go on.

I think that their trip to London was really amazing. They went last year too. I hope that I can go to London soon!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Meeting an Author: Sue Hampton

On Friday I met the author Sue Hampton when she came to my school. She came to my school because we were having a writing week.

She told us about her new book called "Aliens and Angels". She signed a copy for me and it was very exciting.

Sue Hampton

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Someone stole my poem :-(

Mummy always says that people steal things on the internet. I think people don't realise that it's not ok to just steal what they want. It's something Mummy called Plagarism.

This week I found out that this person stole my fireworks poem. It made me feel sad that someone copied my work, and said it was theirs.

I wish that they wouldn't do it :-(

Saturday, 2 November 2013

When I Grow Up....

This week when the storms came, we found a big tree that had fallen down. I thought that this tree would be a good place to make a video of one of my favourite songs "When I grow Up" from Matilda the Musical. I love Matilda - both the books and the musical. My teacher says that I am a bit like her because I love to devour books. One day I would like to be in Matilda the Musical.

Here is a video of me singing "When I Grow Up/Norty" from Matilda.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


I really like the new Katie Perry Song called "Roar". I enjoy singing it when I am playing in the park with my friends. I have also been trying to play it on my piano. Here is the video for you to enjoy. I love the animals in the video - especially the Elephant and the tiger, and the bit where she brushes the Crocodile's teeth. Katy Perry is one of my favourite pop stars.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Good Things About The Summer Holidays

Today I am writing about all of the fun things I like doing during the summer holidays. I love the summer holidays, They are really fun. I have done lots of fun things. Last week I went to the splash park with my friends, and I have enjoyed going to the play at the beach too. Here are the reasons why I love the summer holidays. 

Friday, 26 July 2013

The Eiffel Tower

Today I am writing about the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which I visited last summer. 

The Eiffel Tower is a tall tower made of iron. It is called “La Tour Eiffel” in French. The Tower is named after Gustave Eiffel. He built the tower in 1889. This means that the tower is one hundred and fourteen years old!

The Eiffel Tower is three hundred and twenty four metres tall. It is the same height as an eighty one storey building. The Tower had three levels. You can walk to the first level and second levels, or take a lift. There are seven hundred and four steps to the second level. To get to the third level, you travel up in a glass lift one hundred and eighty metres – It’s a long way! 

Last year I visited the Eiffel Tower. When I visited the Eiffel Tower we stopped on each floor, and then took the lift right to the top. It was very high! When we got to the top of the tower, we discovered that it swayed in the wind. It was a very odd sensation to feel it moving.

From the Eiffel Tower you can see over the whole of Paris! I saw the Arc De Triomphe and the River Seine which runs through the middle of Paris. It was really amazing.

I enjoyed visiting the Eiffel Tower in France, and I would like to go again one day. 

Have you ever been to the Eiffel Tower?

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Lily The Mermaid - A Vlog

Today, I am presenting my first Vlog, which stands for video-log, just in case you did not know!

I like to make up my own stories, and so yesterday, I made up a story with my bath toys, about a mermaid called Lily, and her friends, who find a pearl. Mummy said that she would film my story for me, and so she did. It was a bit scary talking on camera, but I tried to do my best!

Here it is on Youtube. I hope you like it!!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

The school disco

On Friday night I went to my first ever disco at school.

I wore a pretty pink and black dress, with sparkly black shoes.

At the disco, I danced to One Direction, my favourite band, and Little Mix. Everyone also danced to Gangnam style which was really fun. Dancing at the disco with my friends was fantastic.

The lights were off and there was a disco light.

I had two packets of crisps which I shared with a friend, and a drink of blackcurrant. When it got really hot, I had some water.

I really liked the disco, it was amazing. I can't wait to go to another one!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

I'm in the Saturday Telegraph!!

Today I'm excited because I am featured in the Saturday Telegraph Magazine. Jess from The Telegraph Magazine came and visited me and interviewed me, and then, after a very long wait, today it is finally in print!! (It is also online here).

It was really interesting be interviewed. Jess asked me lots of questions, and I loved having my picture taken!

There are other fantastic kid Bloggers featured too, so it was lovely to be mentioned with them.

TollyDollyPosh - A twelve year old fashion Blogger.
ChildTasticBooks - A ten year old Blogger who reviews books.
Jakes Bones - An eleven year old Science and Nature Blogger.
Libdem Child - A thirteen year old Politics Blogger.

Please go out and buy the article today if you can, and if you are visiting after reading the article today, then Hello! and thanks for reading!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

When will it be Spring?

I love the snow, but I am now hoping for some lovely warm weather soon.

In warm weather, I like to go to my Grandad's holiday caravan, go to the beach, and eat ice creams!

I also like to go on Narrowboat Trips.

Here is a photo from last year of me, messing about in a Narrowboat on the river!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Five Ways to Keep Safe

Last week, I made a mistake, that put me in danger, so Mummy and Daddy asked me to think about some ways to keep safe.

If you are a child, please listen seriously to this:

  • NEVER! climb out of the Car Window.
  • NEVER! cross the road without a Grown up.
  • NEVER! talk to Strangers.
  • NEVER! leave your little brother/sister by themselves when you have been told not to.
  • ALWAYS stay together with your friends, and tell your Mummy or Daddy where you are going.

These are five ways to keep safe. Please remember them to stay safe.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

My book for World Book Day

Today, for World Book Day, I took my favourite book to school, but we didn't dress up. My favourite book is Pippi Longstocking. The book is by Astrid Lindgren, who comes from Sweden. It is a great book and I really like it. At the moment I am on chapter five.  

Pippi's father is a Sea Captain, but she lives on her own and gets up to lots of mischief. She is also very strong. I am enjoying reading about Pippi a lot!  

Today at school I read a story to one of the younger children. It was really nice to share a book with her.

I had lots of fun for World Book Day. 

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Half Term Fun.

Last week was half term and I had lots of fun. On Sunday I had a sleepover at Grandma's house. The next day we went to see some fish at the pet centre. On Tuesday we went to the Tring Natural History Museum. We saw Gorilla's, a skeleton of a Gorilla, Sharks, a super long Snake, beautiful Butterflies, and a false Killer Whale.

After we had seen them, we went to see some dogs. There were dalmation dogs, hairy dogs, and very very fluffy dogs. There was also a Giraffe with a very long neck.

I also saw a kangaroo, an electric eel, a parrott, a leopard, a tiger, a zebra, and a rhino's head.

Later, I saw a video of a man showing you how they preserve the animals at the museum by stuffing them. It was interesting but also terrifying!

I had a really nice day at the museum.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Guess The Animal.

It is black and white. It is big. 
It gallops. It goes neigh.
It lives in a field.
Sometimes people ride it.
It likes to eat fruit, hay and carrots.

Can you guess my animal?

By Besty Lou.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My Artwork

Today I would like to share with you my FANTASTIC! artwork. My favourite picture is my country side picture which has flowers and some trees in. It reminds me of Spring.

I did the pictures in Art Club at school. I really enjoy art club. This is an Autumn picture as the boy is wearing a scarf. His name is Marvelous Max.

This is a picture of my friend. I like her long curly brown hair.

This is a picture of a hedgehog. I love the spikes of the hedgehog and I enjoyed painting the blades of grass.

I hope you like my pictures!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Being Photographed

Recently, a nice lady wanted to talk to me about my blog because she said I was very young to be blogging and she liked my blog. She was very kind. She sent a man to take pictures of me to go with the story she is writing about me. 

When the man arrived, I thought that he was very tall. Look, you can see in the picture how tall he is! My sister Boo Jam wanted to be in the pictures too. I put on a pretty dress, and so did she. He took lots of pictures of me with the computer. Mummy took a picture of him taking pictures of me. I like this picture as all of us are busy working. We had lots of fun when the man came to take pictures, and he was very kind too. I can't wait to see the pictures he took!

Friday, 1 February 2013

My Piano - A Poem

Recently, my Grandad give me his old piano as I have started having piano lessons at school. Here is a poem I have written about my Grandad and my new piano.

My Piano

Grandad gave me his old piano,
It is older than a iPod Nano,
It's black and white, striped as a kite,
and it still plays the notes alright.

Every time my Grandad played,
he wore his headphones and hid away.
My Grandma didn't like the noise,
of Grandad's tuneful music joys.

My new piano is really cool ,
I'm learning to play piano at school.
My favourite notes are C,D,E,
and now I'm learning F And G!

I like my piano very much.
I tell my sister not to touch. 
My sister always wants a turn,
when I'm practising the notes I learn.

If I practice every day,
think of the lovely tunes that I could play.
Perhaps in a concert, or a musical,
or maybe one day at a Princess Ball!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


I looked out of the window on Monday morning and it was snowing. I was very excited because snow is my favourite kind of weather!

We still had to go to school. When I walked into breakfast club, there was lots of snow in the playground. During the morning our teacher took year one outside and we made a mini snowman. I think he was called Mr Funny because everyone put so many sticks on him!

After that we all went back inside. Whilst we were doing phonics it started snowing again even more heavily and everyone was very excited. After phonics we ate lunch. I had Shepherds Pie. It was delicious! After lunch the teachers decided we should go home because they were worried about all the snow and so my mummy came to collect me early.

After school we took Boo to her Ballet lesson. It was still snowing heavily. Whilst she was there, I went out to play in the snow. The snow felt really cold and wet. I could make really big footprints in it. I also made a snowman with my mummy.  We used twigs and stones for his face, arms and buttons, but his mouth looked a bit funny!

I had a really lovely day playing in the snow. I hope it snows again soon!

Monday, 7 January 2013

My Mermaid Lucy

Lucy is a mermaid. My Grandma knitted her. She has long yellow hair in bunches and a pink and light blue crown.

She has a blue tail and she has a pink top with a blue bow on it.

Her best friend is Kevin the Crab. My Grandma knitted him too. Lucy likes to swim with her friend Kevin the Crab.

I love my mermaid. She is very pretty. She reminds me of Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

My Grandma is very good at knitting.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My Day Out In London

At the weekend I went into London to go to the Science Museum. We went on a really fast train.

In the Science Museum we saw the BIGGEST Rocket in the World! The rocket has been into space and was called "Eagle". It was a lander that took Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong into Space in 1969. When I saw it I could not believe my eyes. Then we went to see a model of an Astronaut. His name was Buzz Aldrin and he was the second person to walk on the moon. We also saw a piece of the moon. The museum also told you about how Astronauts lived, breathed, ate and went to the the toilet in Space. They showed you space food that the astronauts would have eaten in Space. There was Tomato Soup, Chicken Salad, Strawberry Cereal Cubes, Coke, a biscuit coloured drink, and a pink drink and a tin of biscuits. You had to add water to the food to make it ready to eat.

Did you know that Astronauts can sleep standing up in space? They have to be strapped into bed to stop them from falling out because there is less Gravity in space than we have on earth.

Next we went to see the OLDEST steam train made in 1814. After a while we went to see Stephenson's Rocket. It was made in 1829 and it was the first Machine ever made! Without it, we wouldn't have things like cars and trains and buses so it was a very important machine.

The last thing we saw was a big globe that showed aeroplanes, street lights and what the world looks like at night from Space. It was amazing.

After we left the Science Museum, we went to a Cafe in South Kensington for lunch.

Next we went to Hyde Park to see Winter Wonderland and then we went to see the Christmas Lights in Oxford Street because my sister Boojam loves Christmas Lights and so do I.

Finally we went home on the train. I had a really nice day in London.

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