Tuesday, 15 January 2013


I looked out of the window on Monday morning and it was snowing. I was very excited because snow is my favourite kind of weather!

We still had to go to school. When I walked into breakfast club, there was lots of snow in the playground. During the morning our teacher took year one outside and we made a mini snowman. I think he was called Mr Funny because everyone put so many sticks on him!

After that we all went back inside. Whilst we were doing phonics it started snowing again even more heavily and everyone was very excited. After phonics we ate lunch. I had Shepherds Pie. It was delicious! After lunch the teachers decided we should go home because they were worried about all the snow and so my mummy came to collect me early.

After school we took Boo to her Ballet lesson. It was still snowing heavily. Whilst she was there, I went out to play in the snow. The snow felt really cold and wet. I could make really big footprints in it. I also made a snowman with my mummy.  We used twigs and stones for his face, arms and buttons, but his mouth looked a bit funny!

I had a really lovely day playing in the snow. I hope it snows again soon!

Monday, 7 January 2013

My Mermaid Lucy

Lucy is a mermaid. My Grandma knitted her. She has long yellow hair in bunches and a pink and light blue crown.

She has a blue tail and she has a pink top with a blue bow on it.

Her best friend is Kevin the Crab. My Grandma knitted him too. Lucy likes to swim with her friend Kevin the Crab.

I love my mermaid. She is very pretty. She reminds me of Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

My Grandma is very good at knitting.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My Day Out In London

At the weekend I went into London to go to the Science Museum. We went on a really fast train.

In the Science Museum we saw the BIGGEST Rocket in the World! The rocket has been into space and was called "Eagle". It was a lander that took Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong into Space in 1969. When I saw it I could not believe my eyes. Then we went to see a model of an Astronaut. His name was Buzz Aldrin and he was the second person to walk on the moon. We also saw a piece of the moon. The museum also told you about how Astronauts lived, breathed, ate and went to the the toilet in Space. They showed you space food that the astronauts would have eaten in Space. There was Tomato Soup, Chicken Salad, Strawberry Cereal Cubes, Coke, a biscuit coloured drink, and a pink drink and a tin of biscuits. You had to add water to the food to make it ready to eat.

Did you know that Astronauts can sleep standing up in space? They have to be strapped into bed to stop them from falling out because there is less Gravity in space than we have on earth.

Next we went to see the OLDEST steam train made in 1814. After a while we went to see Stephenson's Rocket. It was made in 1829 and it was the first Machine ever made! Without it, we wouldn't have things like cars and trains and buses so it was a very important machine.

The last thing we saw was a big globe that showed aeroplanes, street lights and what the world looks like at night from Space. It was amazing.

After we left the Science Museum, we went to a Cafe in South Kensington for lunch.

Next we went to Hyde Park to see Winter Wonderland and then we went to see the Christmas Lights in Oxford Street because my sister Boojam loves Christmas Lights and so do I.

Finally we went home on the train. I had a really nice day in London.

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