Monday, 30 December 2013

My New Dresses

I am a bit obsessed with clothes. I love wearing pretty dresses and outfits. I got some new dresses for Christmas and so I wanted to show them off on my blog.

On Boxing Day we went to the Panto. It was Cinderella. Me and my sister had matching dresses from Costco. I love the puffy skirt, it floats when I spin round and round. I also like the collar and the pink bow with the flower. I can wear this dress again when I go somewhere special.

I got this dress for Christmas. I love the lace collar and the long sleeves. This is one of my favourite dresses. I would wear it every day if I could! On the day after boxing day I went to another Pantomime. It was Cinderella again, but at a different place.  I wore this dress to the Pantomime and my family said that they liked it. 

The Nativity

His mother was a young girl named Mary and his father was a man named Joseph. Mary rode on a Donkey and Joseph led the donkey. When they got to Bethlehem there was no room for them at the inn. They were offered a small stable, so they accepted it. Jesus was born in Bethlehem on Christmas day, and the Angels and the Shepherds and Wise Men came to visit him.

I dressed up as Mary at our Church on Christmas Eve. I really liked playing Mary, and my friend played Joseph.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

My Acrostic Poem

This week at School we wrote Acrostic Poems about Christmas. This is the one I wrote:

C is for a cracker that goes SNAP!

H is for holly that is prickly.

R is for reindeer who is called Rudolf.

I is for icicles that sparkle in the winter sunlight.

S is for snow that covers the ground in a white sheet.

T is for turkey that you eat at Christmas dinner.

M is for manger where the Lord Jesus lay.

A is for angels who sing for Christ.

S is for snowflake that falls softly on the ground.

Copyright Betsy Lou Adventures 2013 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

When Holly Star Came

Holly Star came to visit me on December the 1st at night time. She came because she works with Father Christmas and checks whether I have been good. Her friend Angel Snowflake came to visit my sister. They are both the #elfontheshelf elves.

However, Holly Star is a monkey and so is Angel Snowflake. The elves are really cheeky because they do mischief when we're asleep. We have already found them using mummy's kitchen aid, but today they decided to sneak into Daddy's work bag when he wasn't looking and they went on a elf trip to London

They went on the train and he found them - those cheeky elves! I hope that the other passengers didn't mind sharing a seat with them!!

They helped Daddy to do his work - although Daddy said that they didnt really help very much.

Then they went to visit Big Ben but they didn't have time to go up the tower. They also went to the London Eye but this was a work day, so they didn't have time to go on.

I think that their trip to London was really amazing. They went last year too. I hope that I can go to London soon!

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