Tuesday 10 December 2013

When Holly Star Came

Holly Star came to visit me on December the 1st at night time. She came because she works with Father Christmas and checks whether I have been good. Her friend Angel Snowflake came to visit my sister. They are both the #elfontheshelf elves.

However, Holly Star is a monkey and so is Angel Snowflake. The elves are really cheeky because they do mischief when we're asleep. We have already found them using mummy's kitchen aid, but today they decided to sneak into Daddy's work bag when he wasn't looking and they went on a elf trip to London

They went on the train and he found them - those cheeky elves! I hope that the other passengers didn't mind sharing a seat with them!!

They helped Daddy to do his work - although Daddy said that they didnt really help very much.

Then they went to visit Big Ben but they didn't have time to go up the tower. They also went to the London Eye but this was a work day, so they didn't have time to go on.

I think that their trip to London was really amazing. They went last year too. I hope that I can go to London soon!

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  1. It’s all about your timing…which in itself is exquisite!


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