Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Heat Holder Tight and Socks

A nice company sent me and my sister some Heat Holder tights to review. They also sent my Mummy some fluffy socks too.

Mummy says that "Heat Holders are the ultimate thermal brand as their average tog rating for thermal wear is 2.34 tog". That's very warm.

Our tights were black and very stretchy, I like that they are black as we can wear them with lots of things. On the Heat Holders website, they also sell lots of different colours. I liked the pink socks they had too.

When I tried my tights on, I could instantly feel inside that they were very warm and comfy. It's still very cold, and so we wore them to school one day and I felt much warmer running around the playground than I do in my normal tights. I also wore them with a skirt and top when we went for a walk to the woods and they kept my feet and legs very warm in my welly boots.

I would recommend these to my friends and to other children. If I saw them in a shop I would ask Mummy to buy them for me because they are amazing at keeping you warm in the winter and they look cool too.

Mummy said that the heat holder socks kept her feet lovely and warm too, and really helped at night time when she had cold feet in bed and when she was working in her office in the day. She has been wearing them a lot. She said that they keep her feet seven times warmer than the average cotton sock!

There are other products in the Heat Holder range for children like socks, slipper socks and girls tights. As it is quite a shivery start to Spring, we have been enjoying wearing our Heat Holder tights a lot! 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Maths - Bus Stop Division

in maths at school we have been doing division. I was learning about the bus stop method,  I got to show my work to the headteacher because I did good work.

This is the bus stop method of division:

It is easy if you know how to do division. 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Sparkly Trainers

These shoes are new shoes which my sister Boo Jam and me got given for Christmas from our family. We really love them because firstly, they are so sparkly! They have amazing jewels on them which glisten in the sun. They are also made in our favourite colours - pink and purple and a little bit of blue and white. Mine have laces and my sisters have velcro on them because she is still learning laces. We have been waiting for some nice weather to wear them and this week we finally got to wear them.

The best thing about our trainers are that when you jump in them they light up which is so awesome!

We absolutely love them!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Cool School Uniform

Here I am today dressing up in an old School Uniform at the Roald Dahl Museum.

I would love to wear a school uniform like this with a blazer and a hat. One day I would love to go to a school where you have to wear a hat every day because I think it looks really cool. I also want to get to play lacrosse because I have been reading a lot of Malory Towers and that is what Darrell and her friends in Malory Towers wear.

At school we go to another school for swimming every week and the children there play Lacrosse and they also get to stay at the school because it is a Boarding School. I really want to go there!!!!

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