Saturday, 24 November 2012

Poem: I went to the Park

I went to the park and what did I see?
Ducks that quacked "Feed Me".

I went to the park and what did I see?
The wind blowing leaves off of the trees.

I went to the park and what did I see?
A dog with it's owner, running at me.

I went to the park and what did I see?
Children playing and filled with glee. 

Copyright: Betsy Lou Adventures 2012

My stay at Grandma and Grandad's House

Last Friday I went to Grandma and Grandad's house for a sleepover. I stayed up and watched Children In Need and had a Hot Chocolate - I didn't like it because it didn't taste nice. My favourite part of Children In Need was seeing One Direction and Girls Aloud. I also liked the Strictly Come Dancing bit.

In the morning I had pancakes and syrup for my breakfast. They were yummy. After breakfast I got dressed. Then we went to Ayletts nursery to visit the Christmas shop. I love ballet and so I bought a pretty ballerina with a fluffy pink tutu to go on the Christmas tree.

After that we went to "the fish place" just around the corner where they sell fish food and pet fish. In the corner at the end of the fish place they had built a new mini play area. I played in the play area and Grandma and Grandad sat in the cafe and had a cup of coffee. I played with another boy and we built a castle in the play area. It was really fun.

After that we went to Sainsbury's to buy some lunch. We got bread, corned beef, and cat food (for their cat's lunch). After that we went back to their house and ate lunch.

I watched a disney princess film on Grandad's new mini dvd player and then Mummy and Daddy and Boojam came to pick me up.

I had a really nice day with Grandma and Grandad.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Poem about Senses

Here is another poem I wrote for our big writing last Friday at school. Our topic was senses and so we had to write a poem about our sense of smell - I hadn't thought about my sense of smell too much as its something that is always there. In this poem we had to use alliteration and some more good "wow" words.

I hope you like it!

Thank you for all my nose can smell,
fresh cut grass and pretty bluebells!
The salty sea and sweet honey,
the delicious pasta I ate for my tea.

I love the smell of freshly cut bread, 
my daddy makes when I'm in bed.
The fragrant candles my mummy lights,
The smoky smell of frosty nights.

Thank you for my sense of smell,
Thank you for my nose as well.

Copyright: Betsy Lou 2012

My Firework Poem

This is the Firework Poem I wrote at school a few weeks ago for Firework night. We had to use some good Wow words and alliteration. Mummy featured my poem on her blog, but I wanted to share it on my blog too. I hope you like it!!

Copyright: Betsy Lou Adventures 2012

Hello! - My First Post!

Hello my name is Betsy Lou. I am five years old and I live in southern England with my Mummy, Daddy and my sister. My sister is called Boojam and she is three years old . She makes me laugh.

At school I am in year one. The subjects I love are reading, writing, maths and art. I love reading so much and I am a real bookworm. Other things I like outside school are swimming, ballet, jazz dance, and playing piano.

I also love singing. My favourite songs to sing are "Castle on a Cloud" from Les Miserable, "Defying Gravity" from Wicked and "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen.

Here is a video of me singing when I was four:

I am starting this blog because I want to tell people about my life and all of the fun things I do. I also love reading and writing, so I hope to share my stories and poems with you.

My Mummy and Daddy are bloggers too. Mummy writes over at The Vegetarian Experience and Just Do It Mummy, and Daddy writes over at Two Little Gamers.

I look forward to sharing my blog with you and would love to hear from you - especially if you are at school and you blog too!!!

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