Tuesday 12 February 2013

Being Photographed

Recently, a nice lady wanted to talk to me about my blog because she said I was very young to be blogging and she liked my blog. She was very kind. She sent a man to take pictures of me to go with the story she is writing about me. 

When the man arrived, I thought that he was very tall. Look, you can see in the picture how tall he is! My sister Boo Jam wanted to be in the pictures too. I put on a pretty dress, and so did she. He took lots of pictures of me with the computer. Mummy took a picture of him taking pictures of me. I like this picture as all of us are busy working. We had lots of fun when the man came to take pictures, and he was very kind too. I can't wait to see the pictures he took!

1 comment:

  1. How exciting for you all, Miss Betsy. The pictures are lovely, and now you are FAMOUS!


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