Friday 1 February 2013

My Piano - A Poem

Recently, my Grandad give me his old piano as I have started having piano lessons at school. Here is a poem I have written about my Grandad and my new piano.

My Piano

Grandad gave me his old piano,
It is older than a iPod Nano,
It's black and white, striped as a kite,
and it still plays the notes alright.

Every time my Grandad played,
he wore his headphones and hid away.
My Grandma didn't like the noise,
of Grandad's tuneful music joys.

My new piano is really cool ,
I'm learning to play piano at school.
My favourite notes are C,D,E,
and now I'm learning F And G!

I like my piano very much.
I tell my sister not to touch. 
My sister always wants a turn,
when I'm practising the notes I learn.

If I practice every day,
think of the lovely tunes that I could play.
Perhaps in a concert, or a musical,
or maybe one day at a Princess Ball!

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  1. hi Betsy I am Toni I really like your blog keep on blogging your poems because they are really good


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