Saturday 2 March 2013

Half Term Fun.

Last week was half term and I had lots of fun. On Sunday I had a sleepover at Grandma's house. The next day we went to see some fish at the pet centre. On Tuesday we went to the Tring Natural History Museum. We saw Gorilla's, a skeleton of a Gorilla, Sharks, a super long Snake, beautiful Butterflies, and a false Killer Whale.

After we had seen them, we went to see some dogs. There were dalmation dogs, hairy dogs, and very very fluffy dogs. There was also a Giraffe with a very long neck.

I also saw a kangaroo, an electric eel, a parrott, a leopard, a tiger, a zebra, and a rhino's head.

Later, I saw a video of a man showing you how they preserve the animals at the museum by stuffing them. It was interesting but also terrifying!

I had a really nice day at the museum.

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