Saturday 16 March 2013

I'm in the Saturday Telegraph!!

Today I'm excited because I am featured in the Saturday Telegraph Magazine. Jess from The Telegraph Magazine came and visited me and interviewed me, and then, after a very long wait, today it is finally in print!! (It is also online here).

It was really interesting be interviewed. Jess asked me lots of questions, and I loved having my picture taken!

There are other fantastic kid Bloggers featured too, so it was lovely to be mentioned with them.

TollyDollyPosh - A twelve year old fashion Blogger.
ChildTasticBooks - A ten year old Blogger who reviews books.
Jakes Bones - An eleven year old Science and Nature Blogger.
Libdem Child - A thirteen year old Politics Blogger.

Please go out and buy the article today if you can, and if you are visiting after reading the article today, then Hello! and thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Betsy ,
    I love your blog and thanks for posting a link to mine. Best wishes for the future :)


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