Thursday 7 March 2013

My book for World Book Day

Today, for World Book Day, I took my favourite book to school, but we didn't dress up. My favourite book is Pippi Longstocking. The book is by Astrid Lindgren, who comes from Sweden. It is a great book and I really like it. At the moment I am on chapter five.  

Pippi's father is a Sea Captain, but she lives on her own and gets up to lots of mischief. She is also very strong. I am enjoying reading about Pippi a lot!  

Today at school I read a story to one of the younger children. It was really nice to share a book with her.

I had lots of fun for World Book Day. 


  1. We absolutely LOVE Pippi Langstrumpf, as she's called over here in Germany!

  2. Thank you Mr Groves. Say Hi to your boys from me.


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