Friday 10 April 2015

My Build a Bear - Princess Sugar

In February I went to Build a Bear workshop in Milton Keynes for my birthday and I made a Build a Bear.

The bear was flat when you picked it but then you had a special machine which stuffed them. You can pick a song recording for them to play and so I chose "Let it Go" from my favourite film "Frozen".

You had to choose clothes for them. I chose some pyjamas for her, a top and skirt outfit, and a beautiful sleeping beauty dress. The dress had a crown.

I called my bear Princess Sugar. She is pink with pink and white hearts and I love her. My sister got one too called Elsa.

We also got hair brushes and special bags for our bears, and a rucksack to carry her in.

I love my build a bear and take her almost everywhere!

She's so cuddly and I take her to bed with me. Above is a picture of her.

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