Friday 21 December 2012

The Wolf - By "Gm451" aged 7

Hello, Betsy Lou here! my friend "gm451" (her spy name) is here playing with me, and she wanted to write a poem... So here it is. I hope you like it!!

The wind is blowing around and around
It gives me a little push.

And I see some eyes staring at me.
So I tell my partner just to shush....

and what is it?

It's a wolf!!! 

With big red eyes and sharp white teeth.
I think his favourite food is beef!

He stares at me with a cunning smile
You can see him well from a mile.
He looks like he's going to eat me....
While my friend is looking at a buzzy bee...

He pounces at me with a cunning look
I'd rather be at home reading a book!
My friend notices, and stops and stares,
Oh dear... she doesn't really seem to care!

Maybe he will eat me, maybe he'll run away.
I don't know - let's come back another day!

By "gm451" aged 7.

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