Wednesday 10 August 2016




Hi everyone I know I haven't been posting a lot but I'm going to start again. Hi I'm Betsy Lou and this is my blog Betsy Lou Adventures today I'm going to tell about my summer. So in the first week of summer I went to this summer school called PQA where you make up a play from a blank piece of paper and in just one week we came up with a play full of comedy and fun. I had lots of fun taking part in this play and I made lots new friends I would definitely recommend it to people aged 5 -12. Anyways this week I went to Pakefield caravan park in Lowestoft because my grandad has a caravan there. Whilst I was there I went to a nice place called Gorleston and they do the best Ice -Cream I
have ever tasted. this time I had a chocolate and bubblegum whippy and I would give it a 10/10 yay!

this week I have been in the house a lot because my mum works at home and she needs to finish things but yesterday my friends came round and we played a spy game where we were Zootropolis animals and we found someone who had been attacked (just pretend) and we had to solve the mystery of who did it. we never finished that game because they had to go home. waaaaaa!!!! so sad so that's about it for my summer except lounging about.

Later in the summer I am going on a  cruise to Norway so I will ask my mum to bring her laptop so I will keep you guys updated throughout the summer that's enough from me now goodbye!

PS comment down below what you've been doing this summer

                                                                                    Betsy Lou
                                                                                    login' out

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