Thursday 11 December 2014

My holiday - Atlantica Princess Rhodes

I know it's almost Christmas, but I am still excited when I remember my summer holiday. In the summer holidays I went to Greece and it was very very very very hot. We stayed at Atlantica Princess Hotel In Rhodes and there was a super cool swimming pool with a awesome water slide.Everyday at night time there was a kids disco and here are some of the songs. I loved to dance with my sister every night at the kids disco. 

I put these songs on this post because they are some of my favourite ones.Also at night there was always a theme at dinner. Some of them were Mexican, Greek, Chinese, Gala andIitalian. One of the days we went to the grand palace of the knights. We also went on a boat called a submarine where we actually went under the sea! We also went to the valley of the butterflies. Here are some pictures of me and boojam on our holiday. I would definitely say that Rhodes is a fun place to visit.

When we went to the swimming me and mummy did water aerobics. Me and boojam went to a kids club and when we played musical corners this is one of the songs that we danced to.

I loved my holiday in Rhodes. I can't wait for next summer!



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